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1180 Calrec M Series PQ Module Carrier

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1180 Calrec M Series PQ Module Carrier (2U)

Each 2U rack unit contains 2 x Calrec M Series console PQ modules each with Mic and line balanced inputs with switchable phase reverse.

There are variable high and low pass filters plus 4 band parametric EQ.

The high and low shelving sections can be switched to peak and trough – the 2 swept mids have switchable Q.

Each unit has switchable 48 volts for phantom powering of condensor microphones and the inserts can be switched pre Filter or pre EQ.

Typical applications for the 1180 and Calrec PQ modules are:

  • Two High-quality Calrec Mic Pre-amplifier stages.
  • Precision filtering using the variable sweep of the Calrec PQ modules.
  • Precision equalisation using the multi-band Calrec PQ modules.

There are 3 sections to the PQ module: Inputs, Filters, Equaliser.


  • PQ1253 has only a Mic level input. When used in an 1180, only the Mic input is operational – the Line Input of the 1180 is redundant.
  • PQ1785-BSB and PQ1895 have Mic and Line level inputs, both of which are balanced.
  • The mic inputs are transformer balanced; the line inputs are electronically balanced.
  • The default input is mic, line is selected by the L switch.


The input stage is followed by High-Pass and Low-Pass filters. Both are continuously variable, and are switched into circuit by the F switch.


  • The equaliser is the final part of the PQ module; it is switched into circuit by the EQ switch.
  • Typically it is a 4-band equaliser, with all bands having swept frequency.
  • The HF and LF bands have bell characteristic as default, shelving is selected separately by switches.
  • PQ1253 additionally has a bandwidth (or Q) switch for the HF and LF sections. The default is wide (low Q); the switch selects narrow (high Q).
  • The mid 2 bands have 2 settings for bandwidth, the default is wide (low Q); narrow (high Q) is selected on each band by a switch.

The inputs and outputs of each of the three audio sections of the PQ modules are available on the module rear connectors. Full advantage has been taken of this, and the signals are presented on the rear panel of the 1180 as balanced insert points. They have been configured so that each send is always active, and only the returns are switched.

It is possible to operate the input, filter and EQ sections of the PQ module totally independently of each other!


Controls for each channel of the 1180 are identical:

  • The illuminated +48V switch applies phantom power to the microphone XLR.
  • The illuminated PRE FILTER insert switch activates the insert return so that an external device can be plugged into the audio path of the PQ module between the input pre-amp and the filter.
  • The illuminated PRE EQ insert switch activates the insert return so that an external device can be plugged into the audio path of the PQ module between the filter output and the input to the equaliser.
  • The LEVEL control sets the final output level of the 1180. It has 10dB of gain in hand, with the unity position being between 7 and 8 on its rotary scale.
  • The POWER switch applies mains to the 1180. The 4 LEDs monitor the DC voltages that are used by the 1180 and the PQ modules.


The 1180 PQ Module Carrier is available in two versions:

  • Unloaded so a client can load it with their own Calrec modules. In this case, overall system performance is not guaranteed as we do not know the condition of the client’s modules (see Compatibility Info below).
  • Loaded with modules supplied by us. In this case, the modules will have been cleaned, serviced and refurbished by us and the overall system performance will be known.

Compatible Modules

Calrec Audio produced a wide range of M Series PQ modules. Some were simply custom variations of the original units, however compatibility of any units not listed below would need to be confirmed by Contact CML Audio »

Modules known to be compatible with the 1180 Calrec M Series PQ Module Carrier are: PQ1253, PQ1785-BSB and PQ1895.

  • Repair and refurbishment of client-owned Calrec M Series PQ modules can be undertaken.
  • Optional Lundahl transformer output also available.




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1180 Calrec M Series PQ Module Carrier (2U)
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