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  • Neve console studio install
    A Neve VRP48 console refurbished and installed in Spirit Studios at SSR Manchester.
  • VR60 console refurbishment
    A Neve VR60 console undergoing refurbishment prior to installation.
Rejuvenating analogue for the digital age…

CML AUDIO are a UK based company and a collaboration of three like-minded professional audio engineers – two of which are Neil McCombie of Scotch McNeil Audio and Gareth Connor of GJC Designs – all with a passion for vintage audio and experience in design, production and servicing of Neve, Focusrite®, Calrec, Soundcraft, Soundtracs and SSL consoles and outboard equipment.

We undertake the servicing, refurbishment, installation and customisation of pre-owned analogue mixing consoles and equipment for new and current users.

Calrec and Neve consoles are a speciality, but our extensive experience in the professional audio industry makes us the ideal choice for a wide range of other console manufacturers such as: SSL, Soundcraft, Soundtracs, Allen and Heath and Yamaha etc.

Our customers are discerning audio service providers to the music and broadcast industries. From professional broadcast and recording to colleges and home studios.

Where ever you find analogue audio you will find a need for our service.

We are passionate about audio and have over 70 years combined experience working in the manufacture, design, installation and service of AMS / Neve, Calrec Audio, Soundcraft, Soundtracs, Focusrite® and Shep Associates equipment.

We aim to restore products to their former glory and, where possible, improve them for a long trouble free life.

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