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Calrec 48 Channel M Series by AMS

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Refurbished Calrec M Series Console

A 1989 48 channel Calrec by AMS M Series ex BSkyB / Roll to Record console fully loaded with 36 mono mic / line inputs and 12 stereo line inputs.

Lovingly refurbished by Gareth Connor and included the re-painting and re-printing of all fader panels.


Key Features

Control Area

From left to right, the console has 4 distinct control areas:

  • 24 x PQ1895 Mono Mic / Line input channels (with improved microphony).
  • Main section with 2 Main stereo outputs, 8 x Stereo Groups, Aux Masters, Monitor Selector and Monitor Control
  • 12 x PQ2588 Stereo Line Input channels.
  • 12 x PQ1895 Mono Mic / Line input channels.
  • Channel modules have 10dB trim, Mic Gain +10 to -70dB in 5 dB steps. 32dB input headroom. Phase reverse. Parametric High and low pass filters. 4 band parametric EQ. 15 dB cut and boost, high and low Q settings. Bell or shelf setting on high and low bands.
  • 7 Aux sends configured as 4 FB and 1 PA each with +5dB, on/off button, selectable pre or post fader.
  • PA muting by end fader end switch.
  • 2 echo post fader.
  • Channel Separate output and insert selectable Pre EQ, Pre fader and post fader. 22dB output headroom.
  • AFL switch and PFL on fader overpress.
  • P&G faders (4220 Mono, 4222 Stereo – normal, push for on).
  • 2 Echo return modules with bargraph meter.
  • Direct inputs with level control to Aux and main busses.
  • 2 DL1656 compressor modules.
  • 1 Oscillator module – variable tone and noise generator, ±12dB gain trim | +8dB to -60dB switched.
  • 1 Calrec condenser talk back microphone.
  • 3 dual needle Sifam type 74 PPMs with A / B, M / S and S+20 switching.
  • Comprehensive monitor panel with 24 Stereo and 24 monitor selector inputs, independent Control room, PFL, AFL and dim level controls. Independent cut left, cut right, cut both and dim. Mono to left, Mono to both. Phase reverse Right and Loudspeaker change over (L – R swap).
  • Reverse Talkback Loudspeaker.


Power Supplies comprise:

  • 2 x ZN1998 Audio, fan-assisted PSUs (3U).
  • 1 x ZN1997 Logic, fan-assisted PSU (3U).
  • 1 x ZN1705 Convection cooled phantom power PSU (2U).


  • On stand with deep script area.
  • Connectivity is via EDAC connectors. All balanced connections.
  • Full service manual and interface schedules.
► Additional information can be found in the Calrec M Series Outside Broadcast Consoles Sales Brochure »

Optional Extras


  • Patching is not included as users typically want to specify their own patch system or already have a patch system to integrate a console into. Patching is however available and the recommendation for a pre-wired patch system is:
  • 5 x 96-jack bantam patch strips including 11 metre console-to-patch cables – see below »
  • User connections on the rear of the patch strips are 90-way EDAC connectors.

Phantom Power

Phantom power is not supplied to the console mic / line modules and has to be externally injected into the microphone connections. A custom phantom power injector (2U rack case with switches and tally LEDs) is available at an additional cost – see below »




01 » Calrec M Series – FRONT #1

  • Calrec M Series console - front #1


02 » Calrec M Series – FRONT #2

  • Calrec M Series console - front #2


03 » Calrec M Series – MAIN SECTION

  • Calrec M Series console - main section



  • Calrec M Series console - channel / fader section


05 » Power Supply Units

  • Calrec M Series console - psu



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