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Consoles (Refurbished)

CML AUDIO ENGINEERS all have a professional background in the design, production and servicing of Neve, Focusrite®, Calrec, Soundcraft and Soundtracs consoles. So when we take a refurbishment project onboard you can be assured it is both professionally and passionately executed.

Here you will find our current selection of fully refurbished vintage analogue consoles for sale. Our miscellaneous range of refurbished kit can be found here »

Consoles (Refurbished)

CML Audio 24 Channel Neve V.Mini-Master Console

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24 Channel Neve V.Mini-Master Console

A 24 Channel Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Console designed, built and fully tested by CML Audio and populated with 24 fully refurbished and tested Neve VR Series channel modules.

Ideal for vintage audio enthusiasts who require all the functions of a full size Neve V Series Console but in a smaller footprint.

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