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Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Consoles

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Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Consoles

QUITE A LITTLE PERFORMER! This cute 12 channel sidecar by CML Audio affords complete control over all of the functions of a Neve V Series channel bucket in a compact footprint. The V.Mini-Master is the panel fitted in place of the plasma meter bridge.

The Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar has been designed with 6U racking space at the front for mounting the PSU and up to 9U at the rear for optional XLR or jack interface panels.

The complete sidecar (with convection cooled PSU) is available as a complete unit or in kit form tailored to individual needs. AutoCAD® drawings can also be provided if a customer wishes to source their own manufacturing.

The sidecar can currently be built using Neve VR Series channel modules and is compatible with VR Legend and VX modules. V1, V2 and V3 module buckets can be built / supplied with minimal modification.

Alternatively, the existing master section of a Neve VR Series console can be modified to install a NM1249 Neve V.Mini-Master control Panel and up to 14U of 19” inboard / outboard equipment. This allows console owners to remove the existing old Neve monitor panels and bring into the focal point of monitoring the necessary outboard effects for efficient mixing.

The Neve V.MINI-MASTER is a culmination of many months of R&D and incorporates the latest technology and the very best quality components to provide an efficient solution for Neve V Series based sidecars.


Who is it for?

The Neve V.Mini-Master is primarily aimed towards technically competent vintage audio enthusiasts who have access to Neve V-Series (encompassing V1, V2, V3, VR and VX) console channel modules and a bucket.

CML Audio can however assist in the sourcing, assembling and testing of the required components.

► More information about Neve V Series channel modules can be found here »
Neve V.Mini-Master Console customers »


Neve V.Mini-Master Controller

Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Controller

The Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar is centred around the NM1249 Neve V.Mini-Master Controller which includes all the necessary features from a Neve V Series console master section – together with providing additional functions for headphone and control room monitors.

The NM1249 Neve V.Mini-Master Controller is based around the following key points:

  • Logic control to allow for ALL audio paths to be available within the channel module – including switching between output / playback and recording / mix down.
  • Summing for the two stereo mix busses – each with pre-fade insert and direct inputs, 8 Aux busses and AFL / PFL Solo busses.
  • Individual retro styled VU metering for channel record / playback audio and stereo mix busses.
  • Individual Channel signal presence LEDs located under each respective channel meter.
  • Individual tri-colour channel DYNamics led, located below each respective channel meter.
  • Monitoring and talkback section.

All features are contained within a clear and concise, retro-styled panel that fits in the original Neve V Series 12 channel bucket meter upstand.

The concise design allows for the Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Console to become an integral part of the control room as opposed to being just another occasionally useful piece of outboard gear.

Master Facilities

  • 2 x Stereo Master mix busses with insert points and VU Meters.
  • 2 x Stereo Direct inputs with level control to the master mix busses to allow for reverb returns or parallel compression during mixing.
  • 8 Aux Master level pots with ON and AFL switches.
  • Master status modes include Mic / Line, Fader Swap and Mix down: Meter / Monitor modes include Output, Playback and Overdub.
  • Monitor section with monitor level control, Headphones socket, CUT and DIM switches plus balanced outputs to two sets of loudspeakers. Solo AFL and PFL level controls and an LED that illuminates whenever an AFL or PFL switch is pressed allows for flexible monitoring within the mix. A Balance pot sets the L-R position within the monitoring field in order to optimise the listening “sweet spot” on multi-bucket systems.
  • The Mix 3-4 / MON VU meters normally monitor the Mix 3-4 outputs. Pressing MON TO METER routes the selected monitor source to these meters. Pressing an AFL or PFL switch will automatically activate MON TO METER.
  • Solo modes are non-destructive AFL or PFL in conjunction with Interlock / Normal CUT A and CUT B bus switches.
  • Signal Threshold switch to set the activation point of the channel signal-present LEDs.
  • Power fail LED to indicate failure of any power rail within the bucket sidecar system.
  • All VU Meters are LED illuminated.

Upstand Panels

The following alternative upstand panels featuring large VU meters are available: NI1299 V. Mini-Master Channel Meter Panel and the NI1301 V. Mini-Master Main Mix and Phase Meter Panel with respective SIG and DYN LEDs.

For two or three bucket consoles (ie. 16 or 24 channels / large consoles) the NI1300 Neve V.Mini-Master Slave Meter Bridge Unit is available in two versions. Both featuring 12 illuminated retro-styled circular VU meters and respective SIG and DYN LEDs.

Inputs / Outputs

  • External connections are provided on 56 way EDAC connectors that are fitted under the bucket next to the existing EDAC input / output connectors. All external audio input and output connections are electronically balanced.
  • 6U of racking space at the front for mounting the PSU and up to 9U at rear for optional XLR or jack interface panels.
  • Up to 42U of rack space (21U front / 21U rear) available on large consoles.


Two types of power supply units are available to order:

  • Type 1 is the PK1295 5U convection-cooled unit which will handle one bucket of 12 channels plus the NM1249 V. Mini-Master Control Panel.
  • Type 2 is a 4U fan cooled power supply designed by Westwick Installation which is capable of powering either two or three bucket sidecars and associated V.MINI-MASTER Controller and slave units.


The NI1250 V. Mini-Master 6 Way Fader Panel featuring ALPS K Series faders is also an option should the original Neve panels not be available. P&G faders can also be provided as an alternative.


This 12 channel section has a cut down front trim from the original console and new C750-001 MDF stand with side trims, flat top and bottom bracing strips. The example shown below is finished in hard wearing Nextel grey paint. Alternative finishes can be quoted for.

The tall back panel is from the original console although new ones can be manufactured if required – see the Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Component Parts Diagram below. The front features a new all in one C648-001 base plate.

Some further options will be available which are currently in the concept stage – including a master fader pot and complete access to the multitrack routing within the channel modules.


The Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar consists of the following:
Units Cosmetics
The following additional metering options are available for larger consoles:



The following interfacing is currently available for the Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar:
Standard Optional




01 » Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar – COMPONENT PARTS #1

Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Console – Component Parts #1
Small Console Large Console
  1. Neve V.Mini-Master NM1249 Control Panel fits in original upstand.
  2. New NI1250 6 Way Fader Panels.
  3. Original cut-down console front trim.
  4. New all one piece base plate.
  5. 6U rack space to mount PSU or other equipment.
  6. Custom MDF stand and side trims can be made to match studio.
As small console but with the following additions:

  1. Space for additional metering options:
    NI1299 V. Mini-Master Channel Meter Panel.
    NI1301 V. Mini-Master Main Mix and Phase Meter Panel.
    NI1300 V. Mini-Master Slave Meter Bridge Unit. – two versions are currently available – both featuring 12 illuminated retro-styled circular VU meters and respective presence indicators:
    NI1300 – with both SIG and DYN LEDs.
    NI1300-2 – with SIG LEDs only.
  2. 18U of equipment mounting space on either side.
  3. 4-way fader blank panel: C650-004.


02 » Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar – COMPONENT PARTS #2

Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar Console – Component Parts #2
Small Console – Rear Large Console – Rear
  1. Flat top for mounting near field monitors.
  2. New vent to allow heat out.
  3. Original tall back panel.
  4. Space at bottom to allow for cable access.
  5. Earth bolt for tech earth connection.
  6. 9U of rear rack space possible for XLR interface panels – see Interface Options »
  1. Short back panel: C643-006.
  2. Custom flat-bed stand: C720-003 with 7U of rack space in each section (front and rear). Thereby affording up to 42U of rack space (21U front / 21U rear).


03 » Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar – LARGE CONSOLE STAND

Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar – LARGE CONSOLE STAND
  • Custom flat-bed stand: C720-003
  • 3-section Neve V.Mini-Master stand with 7U of rack space in each section (front and rear). Thereby affording up to 42U of rack space (21U front / 21U rear).




01 » Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar – Promotional Video


02 » Neve V.Mini-Master Control Panel Functions


Product Order Details

Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar
Reference Quantity Price (£) Description Order
Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar 1+ P.O.A Various options available. Contact CML Audio »
24 Channel Neve V.Mini-Master Console 1+ £25,000.00 Various options available. Contact CML Audio »

E&OE: While every effort has been made to ensure all information supplied is accurate, no liability is accepted for the consequences of any errors or omissions. All products are subject to availability. All prices are quoted in (£) Sterling and unless otherwise stated, are exclusive of VAT. CML Audio reserves the right to change the product range and prices without prior notice.



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