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PK1295 Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar PSU (5U)

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PK1295 Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar PSU (5U)

If the original Neve V Series power supply unit is not available we are able to offer this high quality alternative…

Providing a sidecar with a reliable power source is always key to getting a good sound out of the modules. Too much ripple of any frequency can colour the sound or create too much instability for unwanted low frequency oscillation.

Insufficient current capacity can render transients lacking punch and lifeless.

CML Audio have carefully designed the power supply utilising a linear type design with convection cooling and a toroid transformer with H frame mounting. This provides a source of power that is free of output noise, has sufficient current capacity to drive the channels and the V.Mini-Master Sidecar whilst minimising vibrational and ambient noise within the listening environment.

The silent 5U convection-cooled unit will handle one bucket of 12 channels plus the NM1249 V.Mini-Master Control Panel »

A 6U convection cooled unit can be ordered for 24 channel sidecars with associated Neve V.Mini-Master Control Panel and slave meter units.




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PK1295 Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar PSU (5U) Technical Specifications
Voltage: 115 / 230V
Current: 7A @ 115V | 3.5A @ 230V
Output noise: <200uV
Mix noise equiv: <-85dB at maximum load
Form Factor
Rack height: 5U
Weight: 20kg


Product Order Details

PK1295 Neve V.Mini-Master Sidecar PSU (5U)
Reference Quantity Price (£) Description Order
PK1295 1+ £3,494.00 Fully assembled and tested units. Contact CML Audio »

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