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Console Refurbishment

We undertake the refurbishment and customisation of analogue mixing consoles…
Calrec and Neve consoles are a speciality, but our extensive experience in the professional audio industry makes us the ideal choice for a wide range of other consoles from other manufacturers. The work involved can range from as little as operational test and minor repairs to a full recap, operational test, technical performance test, strip and clean of knobs, buttons and custom electronic enhancements. All work is documented and a written report supplied with the console upon completion.

Ideally we like to undertake the work at our premises so that we have access to our full range of test equipment and stock of spare parts, it is the most time-efficient and cost-efficient way of undertaking console work. This is the ideal way to approach a console project where the console is being sold or a studio being built.

Sometimes it is necessary to work at a client’s site. We do this for console manufacturers who naturally have all their own test equipment and jigs as well as stocks of components. Virtually all studio schedules and installations preclude the removal of a console for major refurbishment, in which case site work is necessary. Typically, modules are worked on in small batches so as not to disrupt normal operations.

Performance testing of refurbished modules is carried out in periods of downtime between sessions or broadcasts. This method of working is time-consuming, costly, and good planning and liaison between all parties involved is essential for efficient project management.

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Rack Mounting

We repair, customise and rack mount vintage studio equipment…
From rack-mounting equipment such as the TAB V76 or Calrec PQ modules to the design of custom outboard such as the RPN1100 Neve Channel in a Box CML Audio have a wealth of experience and expertise to undertake your project.


Computer Aided Design

We also provide the custom design of bespoke products and computer aided design of mechanical and printed circuit boards.
The in-house CAD package used for all our design work is Seetrax Ranger XL. We find it particularly fast, efficient and user-friendly for the work we do …. and it is stable.

We encourage new clients to have their designs created on Ranger, but if a client has a preference for another CAD package, we are usually able to reach agreements to work within their requirements.

We are listed on the Seetrax website as a Design Bureau as well as being able to provide training on the Ranger XL platform: Seetrax Ranger Design Services.

Design complexities can range from simple single-sided boards to fine line multilayer boards with surface-mounted parts on both sides.

We have good working relationships with several PCB manufacturers and we are able to oversee the whole design process from schematic to PCB hardware.

All our surface-mount boards are assembled by our in-house pick-and-place and solder reflow production equipment using lead-free processes and materials.



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