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STC014 Amplifier Power Supply Module

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STC014 Amplifier Power Supply Module

The STC014 Amplifier Power Supply Module provides a high-current power supply for powering two of our amplifiers, combined with regulated +/-17V supplies for powering op-amp circuitry such as the STC012 Low Noise Input Module (Balanced) or the STC008 Amplifier Speaker Protection Module.

The main high-current power supply is a simple and thoroughly dependable unregulated supply of beautiful simplicity which maximises efficiency and reliability, and allows the instanteous delivery of power as required.

Available as a fully assembled and tested unit, PCB with test notes only or as a kit of parts, PCB and build notes.

Full specification details for the STC014 Amplifier Power Supply Module can be found on the Signal Transfer Company website »




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  • STC014 Amplifier Power Supply Module


Product Order Details

STC014 Amplifier Power Supply Module
Reference Quantity Price (£) Description Order
STC014PCB 1+ £27.50 PCB and build notes only. Contact CML Audio »
STC014KIT 1+ £84.00 Kit of parts, PCB and build notes. Contact CML Audio »
STC014BLD 1+ £128.50 Fully assembled and tested unit. Contact CML Audio »

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