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TAB V76 Custom Rack Mounting

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TAB V76 Valve Mic Pre-Amp Custom Rack Mount

We were approached by a customer to repair, refurbish and rack-mount a pair of vintage TAB Funkenwerk V76 valve mic pre amp modules.

The V76, considered by many to be the best Mic Pre-Amp in the world, was produced by TAB and was two V72 modules cascaded in series with additional control features. It was capable of achieving 76dB of gain and driving a signal farther with little to no loss.

The module came with a switchable input pad – allowing the user to change the gain in 6dB steps across 12 positions.

The V76 also typically came with either an 80Hz or 120Hz shelf EQ (the V76s version had no shelf EQ and a full frequency response from 20Hz to 20KHz) allowing the user to get rid of rumble from the mic stand when recording voice.

Although the high end frequencies sound muffled when compared to a V72, many engineers preferred the unit due to the controls, increased gain and huge bass sound that the V76 delivers.

► More information about TAB V Series Valve Mic Pre-Amps can be found here »



Based on our client’s requirements we added the following custom features:

  • 240 – 220 AC mains transformer for optimum noise performance.
  • Phantom power supply – independently switched for inputs 1 and 2 respectively.
  • Switchable front and rear input XLRs.
  • Phase reverse switch for inputs 1 and 2.
  • Mounted in a 5U aluminium rack.




01 » Twin Rack Mounted TAB V76 Units – FRONT VIEW

  • Rack mounted V76s - front


02 » Twin Rack Mounted TAB V76 Units – ISO VIEW

  • Rack mounted V76s - side view


03 » Twin Rack Mounted TAB V76 Units – REAR VIEW

  • Rack mounted V76s - rear view


04 » TAB V76 Units

  • TAB V76 units

► More information about the TAB V Series Mic Pre-Amps can be found here »



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